How can you smeel like a guy?

Well there are scents that society as a whole has sort of decided are male and female, so if you use things that are ‘meant’ for guys you can ‘smell like a guy’. That’s how it works.

But men’s things smell better than lady things usually.

That’s sort of the point I think. Lady things…

Can we move away from this topic of conversation?

She has so many earrings.

A lot of them were given as presents.

That’s nice.

We lost a lot of them when we dropped the case that she keeps them in.

Wow, so many shells.

So many different shells.


Do you think that we should close the window and put the candle on?

Don’t you mean light the candle?

Yes I can’t get my words in the right order at the moment,


About voicehearingnotes

I hear voices and I write about that.
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