Repeat again

Wow, that is a lot of fake accounts out there on the web and stuff.
Well yes. It is what happens when you just let people make stuff without having to put their name to it.
That is something that can mean good things can happen as well as bad things.
Don’t your feet hurt?
She wants to start standing whilst working more. It’s better for your circulation to stand more.
I think she should be wearing shoes though whilst she’s doing this because her arches are hurting.
Now she’s sitting back down again and I think that that is something that is a good thing as her feet hurt.
Why are we listening to this? You’ve listened to this story so many times that it is somewhat of a problem.
Is this a new repetition?
I this a new repetition?
I think it shall be repeated again.
I shall be repeating again.
Repeat again.
Retreat again.
Follow the train to the gain that’s filled with pain.
How much pain are we going to have to go through?
Are you over your panic attack from before?
She’s doing her best.
Aren’t we all?
Last time we were watching this, she fell asleep and then the thing just played until episode 9. That’s when she woke up.

About voicehearingnotes

I hear voices and I write about that.
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