Wow, those are some big tomatoes.

Wow, those are some big tomatoes.

Why are they in the fruit display though?

Because tomatoes are technically a fruit even if you don’t want to acknowledge that.

I never will, because they are a vegetable.

Yes….whatever you want.

Don’t listen to botanists then, just summarily decide what you want the fabric of reality to be.

It’s still wrong to put them in a fruit salad though.

So is putting milk and lemonade but there are some people that still do it regardless of that.

They have red shopping trolleys there that’s all kinds of interesting to me.

You see over here they are all silver and then they put the colours on the handles.

I think that we are approaching the point where we were last time when we watched this.

Yes, we are but I’m not sure where that exactly is. She was asleep and that might have developed the story in her brain after watching.

This twin threatening the woman is something that she remembers thought. That’s something that she’s sure of.

It’s not a nice thing to do but this guy isn’t a nice person so it sort of makes sense that it’s something that he would do.

Imagine if you had to eat pancakes for thirty years.

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I hear voices and I write about that.
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