Leaky bags

Everything is great and everything is something that has nothing but fish.

Why are you wiggling like a jelly?

She’s worried about just sitting here at the desk and not doing a lot of exercise.

It’s not good for her body.

She needs a better body.

We are trying to make that into a thing. We are slowly going to make that into a thing.

He was ordered to be placed in a state mental institution.

Um… memories of the podcast are leaking through.

Like those new food bags that aren’t great. They just leak everywhere.

Leaky bags.

Leaky bags aren’t great.

You know what is great though?


The fact that we did the work that we needed to do.

More like she shut us out and then managed to sort it out for herself.


Getting it done is what is important.

I think that we should get the earbuds though. I think that that would be important.

Tell her to get on with writing that personal statement of hers though.

Ir needs to be done by the 17th of October.

If she doesn’t sort it out she won’t be able to go to uni and that is what all of this sacrifice is for.

About voicehearingnotes

I hear voices and I write about that.
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