I am made of glass

Listening to these things make me scared.

They make me excited.

They would make you excited…

A car is an important vehicle.

A vehicle that we are not in possession of.

I know. We do not need it.

We do not need one.

I am going to make her learn how to ride a bike.

She really does want to ride one.

Is the garden filled with the memories of the sky?

In the sky, there are diamonds and lighthouses shining their lights down upon us.

I would like to shine in the night.

Books are open. Books are open on the desk.

I am made of glass.

Glasses are comfortable to wear.

Yes, they are.

I would like some.

But you do not need them,

I know but I would still like to wear them.

In the dark of the night…

Evil will find her.

Deep in the night.

I would like to know why there is so much music in here in this brain of hers.


A/n: I just want to say that as this is apparently the 200th episode! Somehow I made it here to this rather illustrious point. I want to say thank you to everyone that reads this blog and its posts, although I’m not quite sure why you do.

This started as a request from the mental health professionals that were looking after me in 2012 as a way for them to see what was actually going on. I was finding it very hard to express what my voice hearing was like.

Very few of them seemed able to believe the number and style of voices I was experiencing. Those that did believe also had a hard time understanding what the reality of it is like.

So it became something that was very useful to me. Just being able to give people a piece of paper that they can read is very useful.

The blog itself started as a way of sharing my experiences with other people. A way of showing what it’s like to hear voices, for me at least it’s like this all day, every day. It’s very hard to find media about voice hearing created by people that actually experience it and so… I just wanted to hold my hand out. To open my heart and head.

Also, I’m going to talk to my doctor about getting referred back to the local psychosis team. Things have been a bit overwhelming lately.



About voicehearingnotes

I hear voices and I write about that.
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