A rust world

If it does something then people thought that it was medicine

Wow that sounds pretty stupid

You need to go and wash your face it really needs to be washed to get rid of spots.

She does have a lot of spots so I think telling her to wash herself more is a really good idea.

This is something that would be grateful to be something that is filled with spiky porcupines.

We are just trying to get along here. We are just trying to get along.

Have you gotten any ideas that we should share with her she’s sort of out of ideas right at this moment in time?

A moment where we were troubled by the giant clams from the rush world of Aberina.

A rust world sounds like something that would be filled with iron oxide

That’s because iron oxide is something that rust is.

Anyway stop using chemistry bad

It would be something that would not be helpful

How many things are hidden in the ceiling?

In the loft, there are a lot of things being stored.

They are not hidden only being stored


It’s things that we don’t use very often so we don’t need downstairs

‘Cos we don’t have medicine yet


That is very true

About voicehearingnotes

I hear voices and I write about that.
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