I like the music that this is part of.

Are you worried about the thing?

Of course, she is that’s why she’s doing her best to not to think about it and about how bad her doctor is.

Things have gotten sorted pretty good though, haven’t they?

Yes, but they shouldn’t have to be sorted in this way.



Fish are great and typing is painful but faster than writing things out by hand.

If we could get as excited as these ladies wouldn’t it be great?

Yes but let’s not compare ourselves to others.

How many episodes are there that we have yet to watch.

Many there are many things that should be…

I want a whale.

Well, I want never gets.

Yes, that is very true.

Better than I wanted the wanting to be but badder that the health that she wanted to have.

Have you seen my seagull his name is Cecil and I want to show him to your uncle?

Uncles are great and all but we have too many

How many uncles are too many?

Don’t say something that can cause bad things to happen.

About voicehearingnotes

I hear voices and I write about that.
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