Ethical medical practice

How do we make it better?

We make it better by doing a lot of different things

One of the ways is to exercise more often

This is not ethical medical practice

This guy is really creepy.

I know but he’ll get sorted out in the end

He’s very good at manipulating people.

This guy is great at making problems bigger than they need to be.

Oh so this guy is the guy that killed all those people and not the other guy. I expected it because the way he killed that other doctor but yeah it was confusing.

Shall we all explain it to you in a better way?

No it’s olay the show will explain it to me


Thank you for the offer though.

Thank you for the offer.

If i offer you something that you might want do you think that will stop the urge to chew.

I want to chew the things from before but she cant find them.

Where could they all be/?

I wonder if her mother threw them out because they are not in the drawers.

Her feet are cold so tell her to move more when she is doing this it is important for blood flow.

Got to keep that blood flowing.

About voicehearingnotes

I hear voices and I write about that.
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