How is that going to help the rubbish fire that is going on in her life right now?

We just have to make her do some work.

Just make her do some work.

She might need more time than we are being given.

The teacher said that he would give us more time if we asked for it.

Make sure that she asks for it if she needs it. She’s not good at asking for help.

Neither are we good at helping her to realize that sort of stuff.

We certainly screw up her perception and everything.


This call is scary

This call is very scary

You need to brush your teeth

She is going to do it once she gets to the point that she wants to.

I really like listening to this show and I know that she enjoys it too.

It’s a good show.

Do we have any of the green mouthwash?

Yes, we do. We do have the green mouthwash!

I like that one.

I don’t like it

I would like to like it.

About voicehearingnotes

I hear voices and I write about that.
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