Bad, bad fish

  1. Yes it is
  2. It’s been awhile since I heard that song.
  3. We had food in the darkest points of the butter pie. There is this thing called a butter pie.
  4. So we are here looking at the sunset
  5. Finding something like that seems like it will be very bad for you.
  6. Antidotes are purely for poisonings.
  7. The beer will get very very warm if you leave it there.
  8. If you leave it there bad things will happen to you.
  9. Like getting very unhappy.
  10. That is something that will cause something to happen to you.
  11. Everything causes something to happen to you.
  12. She should go to bed.
  13. I would want to go to bed but I think about the right way things are going.
  14. Jumping down to the bottom of the sea wasn’t something that you would have thought that giving things returned to the places that they were before.
  15. You should have just done something that they are better getting to the top.
  16. Interviews are really bad.
  17. Really bad fish are really bad.
  18. Bad bad fish
  19. Never going down to the bottom on the pulling place.
  20. Very well
  21. Very well done
  22. Now we are going before the bed that was at the bottom of the bears.
  23. Bears are really tasty.

About voicehearingnotes

I hear voices and I write about that.
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