A lot less sugar

Life on life.

There is a lot of job-related snobbery going on right here right now.

What is that supposed to mean?

Gekos are an animal that i would like to look at somehow in nature and all of that stuff.

Wild things are wild.

There are a lot of different types of viruses and at least one of them is a form of meningitis.

Growing one of them is very dangerous because all of these things are very dangerous.

Dumping all of the mud into the pool seemed like it would have been something fun but in fact, all that happened was that we made a big mess that needed to be cleaned up.

I remember when you made the face that could have saved Axel.

It was a face that could have been made at the end of all of the many things that could have been done.

Why would you have asked her to make a facial expression right after she had botox done to her face?

I was eating a lot of Eccles cakes.

They are nice

I want some

We need to eat a lot less sugar.

A lot less sugar.

It would be better for our teeth.

He could have done a lot of these things in an easier way.

We have a lot of problems with her feet and hands.

I think that you are developing tendonitis from all of this writing and typing that we have been doing.

About voicehearingnotes

I hear voices and I write about that.
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