Caves are filled with bats

Everything has its own version of the truth.

The truth is a different colour to everyone that is looking at it.

Some like to cover the truth and others like to unearth it.

Upon the hill was a champion that butterflies landed upon. He wore a helmet covered in the butterflies that loved him so. Their wings flapped o beautifully and then they mesmerized his components helping him to win the fight.

Typing this is not as important as the other things. You should be doing this.

We will bleep all of this.

We are still safe here.

In an interview, we are here in the room but make sure that they know who we are.

Have you been to the river this year?

I have been to the river.

Goats have wandered up the side of the mountain, it was them that found the sacred cave.

Caves are filled with bats.

Many bats within the Uk are considered to be endangered.

One of the native bats is called a pipistrelle bat.

There is a lot of rustling going one in the background of the entire thing.

Rustle rustle rustle.

How many noises can be heard?

It is not something that you should talk about with others.

Unhappy moments

Happy moments.

About voicehearingnotes

I hear voices and I write about that.
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