Dramatic dragons

Dramatic dragons.

How many

That is a sad childhood to have

We don’t need to do something like that.

If I hear anyone say something again I am going to lose my mind.

Oh yes, they were counting on his colourblindness to get through this but he managed to do it.

They really managed to do all of this.

He would be a very great police officer/

It is something that is very sad.

Sadness that flows like a river

Why should his disability make him not able to do this job

It’s not something that really affects his ability to do it right.

I want to wander among the streets where we played as children in those rain filled days;

We need to make a copy of all of this for everyone.

Should we just give them a copy of this?

Yes, we should make sure of that.

Can you find the eels we left in the bucket?

Can you find the eels?

The next day is something that will bring many people sadness.

I would have knitted you the blanket if you had asked for it


About voicehearingnotes

I hear voices and I write about that.
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