A very lovely funeral

  1. No matter what we say?
  2. Yes no matter what we say.
  3. Let’s remember the things that were said all the way back then.
  4. I guess the other guy is going to be done for murder now.
  5. I mean he did just kill someone/
  6. That counts as murder with a deadly weapon.
  7. Yup sure dies.
  8. Aww, this is very sad he deserved much better than this and everything ends where it began. At a funeral.
  9. It is a very lovely funeral though.
  10. The flowers are very pretty.
  11. They are
  12. They didn’t use those lillies though
  13. No.
  14. They use the flowers that we tend to put on the grandparents grave.
  15. We are very scared.
  16. Of course, we are. It is something that is scary.
  17. Before there wasn’t much that she was looking forward to, now there is a lot that she has to lose.
  18. Having something to lose is what she is struggling with most right now.
  19. Sleeping among the sea.
  20. Sleeping without the thoughts that were needed in the coming days filled with the memories of the golden clouds in winter.

About voicehearingnotes

I hear voices and I write about that.
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