Check on it

The memories are golden like the fleece that Jason sought.

It’s a symptom caused by your anxiety and grief.

You did a lot of bad things along the way.

Is this the end of the drama

I think so

It’s gotten very dramatic.

It has hasn’t it

We should write a mystery.

The past is something that other people will do their very best to remake in a way that shows them as the best person that they can be.

This is really weird.

It really is true that it is weird.

This guy has always been up to trouble.

I’m sure that he is seeing it wherever he is right now.

Well, this is going to be very interesting and very embarrassing.

We were here among the very dark dilled cream.

We need to check on it.

Yes we do need to check on it

Wow, it’s a good thing that we remembered about this whole thing.

It was starting to burn, wasn’t it?

Her feet are cold from the walk that we went on.

About voicehearingnotes

I hear voices and I write about that.
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