That snail is very creepy looking

No this is the one with the terrible family and the naked brother.

This mum is really great though having the back of her daughter.

It is very expensive to live there.

So many computer dramas are happening.

Everyone is leaving.

I think that he feels more like someone who is on the spectrum rather than someone with OCD right now. But that diagnosis might change over time as we get to know more of what he is like.

That snail is very creepy looking.

It is

Why is it so white

Why is the shell so orange.

It’s pretty.

I really hate his hairstyle.

It’s the middle parting and the fluffiness.


They think that the other person is a member of the other sex.

It’s going to lead to events when their lives meet up with one another.

This cat is very cute.

It’s all white and fluffy.

Yes, this is where it would all go down.

Misunderstandings the foundation of all k-dramas.

About voicehearingnotes

I hear voices and I write about that.
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