She cried today

It was an important night.

Something that was needed to happen.

She cried today

She did

It was a pretty low moment.

You would have cried too

I’m surprised frankly that it’s taken this long to sort out the whole thing.

He doesn’t want anyone to be able to follow him

Them they who where why

When are we going on the windowsill?

Who are we really dealing with?

You should go to the bottom of the sea and look at all of the other cute little fishes that live down there

There aren’t all that many cute things living at the bottom of the ocean.

I would like to write in another place.

In another place.

A six dollar steak…how much is that in pounds.

In pounds.

Not a lot of money.

How is kneeling less respectful than standing up?

Kneeling down is definitely more respectful than standing. That’s what you do when you get knighted by the queen at least.


This is just a bad situation

Moving onwards! This cat is a very pretty cat. I see why everyone likes it

But this mint is a very minty mint and it’s burning her tongue as she waits to watch the new episode.

Then tell her to spit it out.

About voicehearingnotes

I hear voices and I write about that.
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