His hair is very pretty

In the case that these things are working then they are things that will help us all deal with the bad things that have happened.

They are very sure.

They are sure that the mint flavour will go away in time.

You are not the enemy. You are someone that has helped us get to this point and you are someone that is doing things the right way for me all of this time.

Remember all of the thoughts that you had when starting this.

Fishing through those thoughts to find the memories of happy times.

He didn’t but he was good.

Before I think that they are certainly very sad moments.

If you met that person again?

I was wondering about that as well, what would be done upon them meeting again. She was hurt a lot last time.

It’s the sort of hurt that really caused a lot of problems.

How many thoughts do you have in your head?

I am really sorry, but I would like to take back the script once more in order to change the story a little.

Her red lipstick is very pretty.

I think that is more of a pink colour than a red colour.

Do you think that there are moments when we too can be that cool?

Those leaves are probably covered in dog wee.

Dog wee.

I don’t think that is something that can be solved that easily.

She looks like that and all sorts of cool and stuff.

I am stiff and you are stuff.

These are thoughts that are filled with sadness. Sadness that can be felt. Sadness that can never be dropped.

It is something very sad.

His hair is very pretty.

It looks much better than it did when it was longer.

About voicehearingnotes

I hear voices and I write about that.
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