You have a lot of earwax

  1. His hair like this and his face makes it look something like someone else.
  2. His blue coat is pretty too.
  3. The leaves are falling from the sky and the trees are sad that they have to go to sleep until the new year comes back around again with the spring.
  4. You feel like this because it feels like this is the last chance that we have to deal with this. The last chance to reach forward for upward mobility.
  5. Isn’t the sound too loud?
  6. You should turn it down and listen to things quietly/
  7. Take a break from all of this.
  8. Is there a door which you don’t let people go through?
  9. Of course, there is a door.
  10. Everyone has a door. It is something that can be opened but it’s something that people like to leave closed.
  11. You have a lot of earwax.
  12. You definitely have a lot of earwax.
  13. Maybe we should clean our ears.
  14. Maybe we should just clean our ears before all of this descends into madness.
  15. It already has.
  16. Are you thirsty?
  17. I am sure that you are as this was the first drink that you had had all day.
  18. We should remind you of it more often.
  19. Time is just something that is flowing past.
  20. It is something that can help and hurt you and of course, we are all slowly dying.
  21. Wow, he is something that is really bad. He did something that really can’t be forgiven and now he wants to get away with it by using money.
  22. I hope that he never meets her again.
  23. There isn’t a lot of time left with this thing either.
  24. What would you have said if that had been the answer that was given?
  25. The end is never the end is never the end. Things continue to happen even after the ending.

About voicehearingnotes

I hear voices and I write about that.
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