Yes, it is very loud

  1. Maybe that is what scares us and comforts us the most.
  2. If you knew about it all, what could have happened?
  3. Did you cry? I would have.
  4. I would have cried all the time that had that happened to me.
  5. Eyebrows. Are they something that needs to be done by everyone?
  6. Well only if your eyebrows aren’t great.
  7. I have great ones so I am okay.
  8. Even if you have bad ones in the eyes of others that doesn’t mean that you cant love them yourself. Or that you have to change them for other people.
  9. Isn’t this the music for justice for lady vengeance?
  10. Yes and it really suits the moment in the drama
  11. Going clubbing seems like something that would actually be really bad.
  12. Wearing safety glasses at a club seems like something that we would do.
  13. To be honest I would probably wear sunglasses there. Just so that I could actually see beyond all of these unnecessarily flashing lights. Also earplugs.
  14. Earplugs would be important because it is very loud there.
  15. Yes, it is very loud.
  16. I think that we should have done a lot of things.
  17. It is very sad for a lot of reasons.
  18. Reasons, what sort of reasons? Reasons that are better not talking about.
  19. Is there something that should be said about all of these things?
  20. I am helping you to type all of these things. So let’s just do our best to work together and help one another.
  21. This type of guy, what do you think about it?
  22. What does she think about him?
  23. I think that she likes it to be honest. There isn’t someone that doesn’t have problems in this world but she can overlook this problem.
  24. How many full moons are there?
  25. How many full moons are left?

About voicehearingnotes

I hear voices and I write about that.
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