Did you find the hidden text

  1. We wander under the canopy of stars.
  2. Drawn towards the sea.
  3. Drowning in the waves lapping against the shore.
  4. Are these things that need to be said? Of course, they are people don’t live in a world that is as easy as you think it is. Words need to be shared between each other in order for everyone to understand the true meaning.
  5. We are sitting here again and typing. Reaching for something that we want.
  6. What do you want to happen?
  7. Where do we want to go?
  8. I am unfolding the paper that we had written on all that time ago. Unfolding it was hard. We need to find the box too.
  9. That is going to be something very important and moving once we go back to the real world.
  10. If we were this empty in the end was the fight worth having. If you and the end had come to this was everything coming to an end so sad in your eyes?
  11. I was once this sad but things are not as sad anymore. I think that this is actually called happiness even if we are very stressed about everything.
  12. Wrap yourself tighter within the coat that we were wearing wrapping it around you is important so that we knew it was so cold.
  13. There was something that the flowers were trying to tell us.
  14. Trying to tell us that the moment is something that needs to be captured.
  15. I want something that is covered in glitter.
  16. It was always covered in glitter. It always was.
  17. And yet we never really noticed the fact that it was/
  18. It is very dark now.
  19. That is because It is winter.
  20. The winter coming is something that has to happen.
  21. Happening to us is something that is duck egg blue. We are all this shade of blue and filled with some sort of hope for the future.
  22. Did you find the hidden text that I kept under the table? It was sellotaped there in an envelope. So you might not have seen it.
  23. I might not have seen the things that you were looking for.
  24. I would like to end everything that has been happening as it is making her feel unwell but she seems to be determined to march onwards with it.
  25. Because it is important for the future.

About voicehearingnotes

I hear voices and I write about that.
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