Finding a shark

  1. For everyone’s future.
  2. This is uncomfortable for her.
  3. Of course, it is. Why else would her brain be using us to talk about it? If she could talk about these feelings to other people, do you really believe that we would exist?
  4. I don’t think so.
  5. Ir is everything that has been happening all rolled up into everything that is to come over the next couple of months.
  6. Do you really think so?
  7. I think that this drama that we are starting right now is going to be very stressful.
  8. Yes and scary because it has that guy in it that was in Gap-dong and that was something very scary.
  9. This whole situation is scary really. Also, he must be very very wet. This is a very nasty way to die too.
  10. The sea is scary. I think that we should watch this later.
  11. This is also a problematic thing to watch but we shall watch it any way we have to get some serious hours in.
  12. What sort of superhero would you write about?
  13. This is a very sad situation. Imagine if this is how you find out something like this. It would be very sad right.
  14. It would be very sad. I mean I know that I would be sad,.
  15. Eww. I don’t want to be seeing this happening. Let’s skip forwards a bit.
  16. No, we need to know how things happened and seeing this is eye-meltingly awful.
  17. I hate seeing these sort of scenes.
  18. It is very daft.
  19. We have been talking about sadness too much when she isn’t sad.
  20. If a man did this sort of things for me I would like it. So I wish that she wouldn’t say that all women hate them.
  21. We were trying to help.
  22. Because of all the bad things that have happened.
  23. Finding a shark at the bottom of the lake was very scary.
  24. I would have been scared too. Wouldn’t you. A shark isn’t meant to be in a lake.
  25. There is someone who found a shark in a lake though. How scary is that?

About voicehearingnotes

I hear voices and I write about that.
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