Hey your boobs…

Three years later is something that I would have thought would have caused a lot of problems.

It certainly would have.

Such a difference in time spent here.

Such a difference was had in the time that we had spent together.

I think that this is a problem.

It certainly is a problem.

I wonder what she is doing.

I wonder about all of that too.

It would have been very uncomfortable for everyone to have to

So  you are doing the water thing in this way

Yes, she says that the water tastes better when you drink it from a bowl with fruit in it rather than putting it into a cup/bottle.

A lot of interviews and photoshoots happen.

Is that something that is necessary in regards to this.

Is there a polaroid in there?

Yes, I think so.

Hey, your boobs are in this right now.

Nope those aren’t mine

Are you sure

I think that I would know what my own breasts looked like.

How ripped was that guy?

That painting was of him.

That was true. It certainly looks true.

They get all excited about these sort of things.

Don’t do anything bad about these things.

I was bent into a new shape by everything that we had done.

About voicehearingnotes

I hear voices and I write about that.
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