Rehydrated potato

Isn’t there something that you have to do later.

Yes everyone needs to be reminded to remind her to go in the shower later.

Also, remind her to brush her teeth really well lately.

Shall we ensure that there was a car that we can use?

I am the worst male basketball player.

It is nice that he is using his power to help other people that are helped by the power. Like all those soldiers.

My… this is why we are not shaving as often as we should.

I mean look at how many cuts she has all over her body.

All of this happened when she wanted to avoid self-harming as much as possible.

It’s frustrating

Just look at all that mango that can be eaten later.

I would like to eat there at the restaurant from which I was fired

That sounds like something that could cause problems.

Always covered in spaghetti water doesn’t sound all that bad.

We know too much about the things that are made.

I think there is a thing.

A thing is a thing.


Come here and eat our very bad food that we are trying to make for you.

Wow, that was unexpected.

How much food do you think that we would need to get to France from here?

I want to munch.

I think she feels sick but she is battling through all of this.

Is there a link to the evil foods that are being made by corporations.

Rehydrated potato

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I hear voices and I write about that.
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