I will

Jump over that really small river stream thing.

You really don’t know what to do

This is how you become that sort of a legend.

I never want to know what a crawdaddy is

Me neither

I’m not sure that they are spelled in that way.

That was certainly needlessly sexual.

I am sure that is was.

I am sure that it was not.

It certainly was sunny though.

Do you know what the reason for all the cuts is

Well either her lack of experience or just how god damn dry her skin is right now. One or both of the two.

Make her do some exercise later too.

I will

She has been sitting down all day so this would be important.

Don’t do something like this.

We are on the way to the thing that you have planned.

I planned something but something happened in the run-up to the plan taking place and so as a result

Her hands are so dry they are very dry yes they are certainly very very dry right now.

That is part of why they are so painful.

This is very painful.

Well, we certainly are worried that this is certainly going to become a problem.

I would like a cuddle from someone that feels like this.

Are you sure that this is a problem?

Yes, she doesn’t like being cuddled so of course, it would be a problem.

About voicehearingnotes

I hear voices and I write about that.
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