Are you at the end of the rope.










See I knew it

There are things that you cannot hide from us.

There are certainly things that cannot be hidden but there are plenty of things that definitely can be.

Like what

The thoughts that you have been having through all of this time.

Which ones in particular?

The sad ones.

The saddest of sad ones.

Do you remember the thing that happened before?

I don’t want to meet you on a day like this.

I don’t either it sounds like something really bad might be happening.

It will if they don’t sort out some treatment for her.

Well, that is almost as much as the amount that we have already done so it won’t be as bad to get this far as it was in the beginning.

This is all work that will help us towards the final goal yes?

Now put that drama back on because I really want to watch it.

I do too.

About voicehearingnotes

I hear voices and I write about that.
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