A lot of brain damage

I just feel that we shouldn’t be sat so closely to it.

I wanted to buy something that you have

If you are typing then you should be typing something that can actually be helpful.

Is this something that can actually be accomplished though. That is the point.

His hair is very fluffy.

Her chin is very itchy. We forgot to do all of this. His chin must be too.

I would have liked all of you to work together in order to make this whole thing more useful.

Aren’t they cartoons of the things happening rather than actual photographs from the scene of the crime.

I wouldn’t have wanted to do something like that.

If you killed one of these people what would have happened.

I am a duck that is sitting in the pond of the golden future.

I was sure that you had lost your mind now you have proven to me that it is true.

Coming here was saddening

That was something that could have been in the doctor’s favour.

That really looks like a green screen. But that makes me happy because she wasn’t actually put in danger.

Are the flowers in the order that you wanted them to be or is this something that has no place here.

Memories of the face of the killer.

That was why he was hit over the head with the brick.

A lot of brain damage could happen. In that situation, a lot of brain damage could have happened.

I have memories that are as bright as a new pin. She has memories that are dark and filled with sadness. There are those thoughts there purely because we are coming out of the other side of this.

Because she is no longer as depressed as before she can see the amount of pain that she was in back then and it is very scary.

The fear of looking backwards in increasing.

Have you thought about how fancy this place was?

There are so many different candles there it must really be very smelly in that place.

Should I show you the octopus that I found the other day? He was wrapped around the mast and I have decided to call him Jeffery.

About voicehearingnotes

I hear voices and I write about that.
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