Golden bread

Really that sounds like a very good name for an octopus.

I remember

I remember the memories that we here in the leaves that fell from the trees.

The green leaves are pretty.

The yellow and orange and red leaves are beautiful.

I like the smell that they have.

We might have to reinflate your cousin.

I wanted to do something like that.

I was something that needed to fill all of the turkey ovens.

Is there one

Is there a special turkey

Turkey tastes nothing like a meat that would have been something giving you to great turkey flavoured meats.

You are here

I would lose my mind in that sort of situation.

Watching so many things, so many times.

I would like to read you the riot act. It was something that you would have done in the old days.  

I am sure that they are here in the moment.

This is so unhygienic

That’s all I can think about too.

Why do it in the kitchen?

How manly

How cute

Don’t pollute the environment

What is the bet that her ex is the killer

There are thoughts…

He is definitely the killer. After saying something like this 100% the killer.

I think that is true too.

I think so.

I just wish that she hadn’t thrown them in the sea.

I would be very sad to see these sort of things.

Another question I would like to ask is why is that fence so low.

Why is the fence so low that you could fall over it like that.

Yes, that is an important question.

I wanted to eat something like this

The chocolate thing was not nice

Well, it is very old and probably has been open for ages so that is something that can happen yet I don’t want it to happen.

Just belt out the thoughts that are happening

Sand within my shoes is itchy

Sand is something that rubs your skin and makes it hurt too.

The water there is probably very dirty right? I mean there are so many factories over there that are probably polluting the area like crazy.

They don’t seem to be people that you are friends with.

It certainly doesn’t seem like that at all.

Now she is in trouble with the scary guy from before.

Does he just stalk all the old places.

Also, why is he wearing a coat that thick at the beach? Surely it makes him stick out like crazy.

The type of pink that other people like is not the pink that I like to look at.

One day we might be able to kiss someone you know

She’s done it before.

That wasn’t her doing it….it was someone doing it to her against her will.

That is something that is different and it was really scary.

I think that we should talk about it but doing these sort of things Is scary.

She really is very scary.

But back then she was really scared and that is why it happened.

She is someone that feels a lot like us.

I felt like that a long time ago.

What about the story. Are we doing nothing with the story as it stands right now.

I don’t know what she wants to do with it so we are just doing our best to keep the story going.

I hurt my head all the time back then.

What is it with wearing all black and being evil in Korean dramas.

I’d like to watch one where the bad person is really nothing like the person that you think that it is.

I think that we should move to the other place in order to sort all of this out.

I was walking along the road to the place where I needed to be.

This Is something that we need to carry out between the two of us.

I think that you should move to the other place in order to not have your back hurt.

Then we get there here are the points that are needed fish



Fishes are fish

Going through this will make you better at this.

It looks really green

I wanted to look at the picture but it is missing.

Getting bread from the shop was hard enough without everyone eating something to get better things and fish.

A fish was something that was a memory of a fish.


Golden bread

About voicehearingnotes

I hear voices and I write about that.
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