Is half dead

Is half dead

I named it Fred

I thought that is was supposed to be Spain

I heard that it was Marbaya wherever that is

I think that it’s in Spain

Don’t go around expecting other people to speak English in their own non-English as a first language country it’s very rude

Plus you’re making everyone look like idiots.

Don’t make us all be tarred with the same feathers as you.

You know that you could be doing all sorts of things in this time where you are mooning at this things

Of course, she does why would she be doing anything else.

Typing is the way to finding freedom from all of this.

Can you find the ring that you were wearing before.

He was wearing something like that the first time that they were doing this and that is what triggered the memory.

Oww, that has to be really painful.

Falling out of bed is very painful especially when you land on really hard things.

Doesn’t it sound like something that is

Well, his neck is very sweaty so I think that it is pretty safe to say that he isn’t very well.

Is this something that we should be thinking about right now.

Well that certainly is very distracting

I would be distracted.

He is someone that we think is really cool you know.

That is a very funny pun.

It is very funny

I was funny in the past but things have gotten really very complicated recently.

I drew the picture that you are insulting by the way…what are we buying in the new year

Finding the moment where things were good.


That is all people want to talk about recently. 

Let’s talk about something other than ourselves for a while.

This owl picture is definitely going to cause problems later. Everyone thinks that it was the last boyfriend but right now they are trying to tell us that they are trying to get us to suspect the lecturer.

He is the teacher that has written so many books.

Here we are among the leaves.

Which leaves.

The golden ones from the elf land.

Dear Elrond,

It is really interesting how much snow has fallen today. When I was walking home from college

We threw the rubbish off of the roof.

The arrests were done a long long time ago.

This is a thing that was made back then for the things that we are doing.

The swans are flying home to the nests in the hills around us.

How did we make it home this time?

How did we make it through the wind and all that freezing snow?

Snow falling from the sky. Sky is where the stars there.

The people here are also going home.

Going home and walking all this way home was very hard for everyone.

If we find the things that are needed in the other places in the world we would have created a lot of other issues that had to be dealt with in a major way.

You are really babbling right now and that is really causing everyone that is gathered here in the room where we are now to feel a lot of stress as a result,

We won’t get the things from this until after this period of time has gone past us.

It is passing now.

Here we are here we are here we are

About voicehearingnotes

I hear voices and I write about that.
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