Brown is the colour of hunger

Hear we are hear we are hear we are

Going to the back of the oven I found this broken thing

Is it something important. Is it something.

I think that this is something that could be useful for something or anything.

This was broken a long time ago.

It could have been something that these underwears need throwing out.

Throwing out old and broken underwear is very good for you

Older ones are not ones that I would like to tell you about.

This is something that we could not have dealt with all of those things.

Make sure that you have eaten

Make sure that you eat the carrot rice that we made earlier.

She wants to wait until later when the tuna comes.

Tuna is something that tastes nice.

Taste something like this.

I have no ability to do that

I knew about this

I knew about this.

You knew

We knew

I am going to look amazing on those days the days where we are filled with the amount of maths that we have been struggling through lately.

I would like to love something like this decorative tray.

I would have loved something like this.

Growing up in something like this.

The same image has an image within it.

What picture should we go into.

I would like to go into one of the moments that are painted in the landscape room.

Is there a budgey that we can look at in the near vicinity.

Is there

Really is there

I have the picture that is very pretty.

I am going here in the dark of the night.

This is a very tasteful frame.

A very tasteful frame. Is there a tasteful frame that we can make this into .

How much money do you think a cake takes to make.

All of these are important to us.

All of them are important because we painted them in the darkest time that we have been through in our lives.

I remember the blue swirls one.

Blue is the colour of depression

Purple is the colour of loneliness.

Green is the colour of peace.

Pink is the colour of embarrassment

Brown is the colour of hunger.

All of these colours are…sad

How many pages are there here in the books that were posted here

We wanted to do the problems that there are here.

This is the problem that we have been climbing over.


Hopefully something like this

There are lies here hidden among the smiles that people have.

It’s the smile that they carry that is the lie

About voicehearingnotes

I hear voices and I write about that.
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