People lie with their faces

People lie with their faces all of the time.

Don’t give married until then

Just something like this could have been something like this.





This is a book where there are books within it.

Literally, something like this was written by the pen.

Each sentence is something that had been never fallen

Going down this room.

Going down to the room.

She could have read this

Breaking through into a new market. Breaking through is very hard that is why we are so proud of the things that they have done to get here

Do you think  that we should take those down


All of the post-it notes that we have up there.

I think we should just do this until there are a lot of them and they don’t stay up.

Is there something that we can show to other people

Show people your shoes.

Show the shoes that are falling apart

Can you eat something that is better for you than the things that you have been eating recently?

This is a case of the red dawn situation

I remember all of the off ramps

Do you

All the things have been abandoned.

There is no one there

The almonds are here

All the trees are dead and gone because of the water

There was a drought in that place that is why they are dead.

You would be too in the situation that they are here.

Can you look at the way that the fish is looking at you and that will help everyone to overcome the whole situation?

How many days do you think that we are going to do

Is the thing as shiny as something like this?

I have used them so long.

I have used them so long that the wheels have started to become pitted.

The stuff that people had brought for people can see;

It was so great that there are here in this

Better than the memories that we have been dealing with.

The airport here and the airport there have different protocols about what you can put in it and where it is supposed to go so right now I have no idea what I want to do with comforted things.

Don’t put your kids in a separate tent in which is nowhere near you

That is something that is very scary

The little sister is missing.

Why is there a big hole in the tent?

We didn’t hear anything that was done.

Bring the bag with you

Yes, bring it with you.

Bring all and the things with you.

Is there something that you would like to help us with. Is there something that you would like to tell us.

He was something that could have been happening in a place where we are.

About voicehearingnotes

I hear voices and I write about that.
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