Bottom of the bucket

Put him in something like this.

Put him inside of this bucket it is something that will fit him.

This decision is one of the worst ones that we needed to

That was a lot of rice that we have been eating

Yes, it is do you have a problem with that.

All of the firemen and women….firefighters did a really good job.

We only wanted to get to the bottom.

Bottom of the bucket.

Buckets are not something or something.

Breakthrough the moments that you have been dealing with.

I would like to draw in black

Black is a very calming colour.

I drew things like this.

Would you have let him back into your life?

I think that you should go back to doing some translations too.

Translations that are simple and easy to do.

If you could have thought about the fishes in the sea

Are your minds filled with the thoughts that are here?

Looking at him

Looking at him is there something different about him

We should make sure that people are not causing something.

No one knew about something like this.  

What do you think that this is all about?

I am sure that they are all decided that they are dealing with

I am sure

Sure we think that this is the situation

Well that is something

Looking at a lot of things about aliens makes me feel that there are a situation.

We went on a ride.

A ride on the way out.

Someone on the outside.

I will open the gate. I will leave it open for you.

This is a lady that has nothing or something.

We can manipulate the situation/

This isn’t something that we can listen to all of the issues.

Is this the murder that everyone has been talking about?

What would you like to talk to all the other people about?

Is this the sadness of finding all of the seeds from the past.

Is this a flower

When you say GIF I thought that you said gifts.

We all thought that you were saying that so please make sure that you enunciate.

We were searching around like this.

I think that I found that out on my own.

I think that we all found.

It is something

We were cold

We were cold and colder.

Here we are. Here we are.

Fish wearing bras look very kind of confusing things.

Fish are a great sounding trot singers.

About voicehearingnotes

I hear voices and I write about that.
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