There are bags here

How many bands are we watching as this happens

So many things can be found here

I accidentally came here

There are bags here.  

I am so proud of all of the things that you have done this year

Last year we would have no idea that we could have possibly come this far.

This is something that you are going to have to deal with in the coming days. I have earmarked tomorrow as the day where you sort out the personal statement that you have and send it to the tutor that you have and then we do some of that UCAS stuff that we need to do.

You need to fill all of those forms out.

Look at all of the applications that are needed to be looked at by people is this as sad as you had thought that it would be.

I went through a phase like that.


Yes, it was a rough time and it made me feel like less of a failure as a person.

We donated things that we could donate to the project

This is the sort of present that people would enjoy right.

These are part of a list of things that they would like be doing a lot to help us

Just type all of these things into the situation.

It could have been something that had been

This is not something that you should do.

Do good things instead.

Interview the people that would have been there at the time.

I would like to interview the people that witnessed the event.  

It was the thought of having to endure another birthday party that had killed them.

Writing is helping.

The two of them really tried to come here and hurt other people but they were caught and got sent to the prison on the hill.

That is the best thing to do.

Well if you were something that looked like that I was sure that the name cannonball had something to do with the things happening.


Happening is something that is happening to you.

Your thoughts were all tangled and wrangling with the cans that they were dealing with

Hold onto the bridge and I will come and save you.

Save you the things that are needed to deal with all of the going here.

Just wait for it to happen. We weren’t as good at this as other people would like to think that we are. They would have been something that other people would have been scared.

That sounds like something that would have been awkward but they can ensure that they jumped from the biting of the fish bucket

A bucket that is filled with hot tea. There are still things that you would have to do.

We don’t want them to be here anyway.

They were escaped

The escaped from the prison.

They escaped you say.

I would like to walk tomorrow too but it looks like the weather

It’s a sport that is rather like billiards.  

There is not something.

There are things that we are sure are happening

Do something that they are here

We are nad

Well, it is sure that they are people here.

These are the things that we should help. Have you seen the issues that were caused from the wanderings among the halls?



Halls have walls


About voicehearingnotes

I hear voices and I write about that.
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