My kidneys I can feel them

  1. Walls
  2. Walls are part of halls.
  3. Have you ever been to s fancy dress party
  4. Yes and they are absolutely the worst
  5. Isn’t it something that just means that they were a Scottish person
  6. A Scottish person?
  7. Yes.
  8. Well look who’s here
  9. That is pretty cool for a last thing to say
  10. How mad do you have to be within this group of mad people for their nickname for you to be —- the madman—-
  11. I know
  12. How long?
  13. How much longer do we need to climb this patterned wall?
  14. The patterned wall
  15. People want you to draw something
  16. Make sure that you write some nice things to one another.
  17. Write nice things to one another.
  18. That is something that I have been trying to say to everyone in the long time
  19. You never know when you will need to eat some turkey
  20. It’s not something that I would go out of my way to eat on purpose but I don’t hate it
  21. It’s like how you don’t like rice cakes
  22. You really shouldn’t be putting that cardigan on again. It’s entirely too hot right now.
  23. Yes but this is a classic behaviour of hers right now.
  24. So we’ve learned way too much about about oysters today listening to this podcast.
  25. The articles are things that are supposed to be read by people.
  26. How much reading could a person really do?
  27. These dominoes that here right now tempting me to play with them but they’re not mine so I cant.
  28. The colouring book is very pretty.
  29. She’s been wanting to do some colouring lately.
  30. The food is still here and that is making me a little uncomfortable
  31. It’s very busy for this time of day on a Wednesday
  32. Her ankle is hurting her right now it keeps sticking that’s why she is doing that weird thing with her feet
  33. Her back just clicked and her shoulder is incredibly painful.
  34. We have to do a lot of work when we get home.
  35. Yes, there is a lot of work that needs to be done.
  36. There won’t be any other people but aliens by the time that we reach the year 2048.
  37. We also need to wash a lot of things and try on a lot of clothes that are in the wardrope.
  38. Wardrobe
  39. There are the things that are filled with eclairs
  40. We are filled with eclairs
  41. There were 3 days that are left
  42. This sounds like a pretty good job
  43. Why are people earing so much interesting and tasty smelling food? It is interesting.
  44. We have a little more/less than an hour left/
  45. It would be interesting
  46. I really need to have a drink
  47. My kidneys I can feel them
  48. All the tables in this building are too low for me
  49. And for her. It’s why her back is hurting so much
  50. She took this bottle from the kitchen and it’s her dad’s bottle

About voicehearingnotes

I hear voices and I write about that.
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