People are very scary

Her pelvis hurts

That is something that is to be expected though isn’t it.

Make sure to sellotape over the travel pass

How many ducks do you think can fit in here?

There are things that can be here in the mirror of the crabs that have been turned into crabby crab crabs.

Who would have slept on the roof? Seems like a very dangerous place to be sleeping.

Just go down and, and make sure that you are sure that you tell them that this sort of thing makes you very anxious.

We have to get ready to leave soon.

The writing is important and your dedication to this is very heartwarming

This podcast episode is very long

I don’t remember how and when I started this episode

That sounds like something that I would like to go visit the place.

If you would like to we should go there.

It’s not real.

Neither are we.

So this is something…

How many octopuses fit in a box

I think this is ending soon.

I think it is ending.

There is a half an hour left until the lesson is soon over.

What you mean is something that…

What he means is that the lesson will soon be starting

We have ten minutes more will be left.

My legs are inside of her legs.

My legs are inside of your legs that are inside of her legs.

The dog was a very cute dog.

Ice-cream cone paper clip. Ice cream cone paper clip

That sounds like a night

A very scary night

Money like that is very scary

People are very scary

You just have to be careful of everything.

That sounds like something that would be very scary

We have to go somewhere soon

We have to go to the biology lesson that we have a nest. The one where we learn about metabolism.

Now we have to do something

Should we set off now and continue listening to this until then

I think that that certainly is a plan.

Yes or no?

How many milkmaids can fit into this barn

You need to wash your face

You need to wash your face

Maybe not until they were older.

I like this but I wished that they talked about the things that I like more

But they are not you

They are not you

There are things that we are talking about and I want to talk to you.

How much change do we have??

How much do we want to have? How much do we need?

Though for presents


I really hate this time of year

The culture is problematic

Go take a rest

About voicehearingnotes

I hear voices and I write about that.
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