Change all of the pens

Well there really isn’t a lot of time left is there

Well no but we shall overcome all of this because we always do get through things

The subject matter is problematic

Of course, it is

Things about this sort of thing makes everyone feel uncomfortable

You should go to sleep

She isn’t going to. We all know that

Yes we all know that sleep is something that isn’t going to happen tonight

What is the podcast we want to listen to called

I cant remember but I hope that it will be something that is good to listen to.

It might be bad. I don’t think that it will be though

Doctor Who and Harry Potter both things are really hard to not love.

This relationship is going on the way that is very cool very cool this is all very cool.

Everyone is trying to be the best people that they can be

Everyone is just getting to the bottom of the sand

Sand at the the bottom of all knowledge and power.

Search for it!


The podcast she wants to listen to.

There has to be many things that are better than the scary things

Change many different pens.

Change all the pens of the pens. Change all of the pens.

This is a very unproblematic choice to make.

I am very proud of them for making it

We will probably never know everything that happened. That is just the way that things are in this world.

There are many things for you to hold onto and many things that you have to look forward to.

Is there anything that you would like do? Is there anything that you would like to go see?

We might be able to help each other.

That guy really sounds like an idiot, saying something like that at all at least…especially in public.

Moving on. Moving up and moving onwards upwards and filled with all the memories of things that we should remember.

Can we charge this? Can we charge any of these things?

Can we, should we? Shall we?

I like the picture I like all of your pictures, we should take more pictures and write more things in the posts and everything.

I helped you to find the chewing thing.

The chewing things are comfortable and nice, nice, nice.

Nice things are nice.

I am nice they are nice also she is very nice.

Writing is giving you a very big callus on our finger

Some people are proud of their calluses they show the things and effort they have put into the action that created it.

We have many different colours that we can use.

All the colours that are here are colours that we can see and enjoy.

I enjoy colours but she is scared of them.

She’s not scared. Some of them are just too bright

Too bright for us to see. Too bright for us to be.

There are people that cant see colours

It’s called colourblindness. That’s sort of sad.

If you do these things then there are parts of it that are harmful and wrong.

Yes, but we need to tell people why!

Do you think that more letters should be written?

I think that there should be. She is very busy at the moment though. So there is very little time in which to get all of this done.

About voicehearingnotes

I hear voices and I write about that.
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