Bream time

There is very little time.

It’s why she got the swords out of the blue box the other day.

We should be with her more often in order to prevent the pain from coming back again.

We need to look after her because this is not helping.

This is not helping at all

What should we do?

We need to remember to help her a lot more

I needed to make sure to help her through this very bad time.

Where shall we go?

Where do we need to go to find these things?

I suggested to her that we have to go out on the bike in order to deal with this panic.


In the morning. It’s helped in the past

She really has had a hard time with all of this I think that it has been particularly helpful to help her though.

It’s gotten her through some very difficult things. I don’t know how much we have been through that couldn’t have happened in the past.

Lots of good things have happened.

We are writing a lot tonight firing through the pages.

You are very far behind in all of this.  Lots of words lie ahead on the path towards all of this.

Itchy noses are itchy and hers are very itchy.

It was the first time that it happened

More than nine percent is a very big margin in these sorts of things.

I am very proud of these things

My hands are very not good right now they are covered in eels.

Is that how you spell eels?

Eels are a rather creepy animal but they are supposed to taste very nice.

How long are things going to stay like this?

13 years apparently

These are both happy and sad events

It’s sad that it’s taken so long.

I thought that you were going to only change the colour of the pen after an entire page was done?

It was hurting her hand too much the last pen that we were using.

There isn’t enough time going on right now.

There is enough to get all of this done.

Next year matters a lot.

This needs to be something by which we move forwards

It’s not true

There are words that can be used to draw pictures within the minds of other people.

I am the reader of the bok that was written within the well

There are other people who have read it too

At the bottom of the well

Why is the well back? She isn’t depressed right now

I think it is the stress that is going on.

Do you think that we should go talk to them?

If this continues through Monday and we don’t make any progress.

We need to print a lot of fo things off so make sure that you have all of that ready to go.

Is there something that you would like something that shall be done in the other days that are filled with baby hedgehogs.

We don’t want anyone else to have to go with anything that has happened to all of this badly.

What bad things could happen in the meantime?

Meantime. Bream time.

It is something that there is something that there is something

About voicehearingnotes

I hear voices and I write about that.
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