Her nose is leaking

I am going to help us towards everything done.

I want to eat everything and it’s dragging her through it.

In the moment things can be done something I am melting

She is freezing rather than melting at the moment.

There is joy in the act of talking to all of these things that we are talking and speaking through all of the moments that can be happened.

Her nose is leaking.

Yes, we are leaking a lot.

Her heart is leaking

We are itchy because she has an itchy nose.

I am very itchy and it bothers me.

There are things that her heart cannot say at the moment.

There are charms that he has

Pain is happening to you right now so you should try to calm down.

You should do something that is something.

We should watch that old show again the space is something that we should do so again.

You are starting to make less and less sense.

Huh? Starting?

There better be more to you than what we can see about all of this can be with me.

I saw some ducks that can be seen. I saw things that can be seen. I wanted to get all of this done and what not.

Is this seriously something that is happening right now.

Are they going to talk about the monster that happens in these episodes I like it a lot so I’m interested?

There are things that I really wanted to see it before.

I was scared at this point in the show.

He is something that is very important.

They were talking and it came to all of this.

They did talk very much about the monster.

Things happened in the show.

Things did happen.

I am sure that it did.

I wanted to talk about it I wanted to talk about it all.

We wrote this last year you know?

She didn’t

The thing was written and the thing is she needed to write it then because she needed to talk about it.

Who is all of this about.

My wrist is part of your wrist

You definitely need to do some exercise tomorrow.

This is part of an info dump

This is part of something its part of the story that the things are and all of that.

It was a thought that happened

The bow was something that was filled with the chocolate that was seen here

There are words that are used here that are not used to the same effect over there.

Ordinary people are important though. They are all important

This is something that helped everyone to overcome it all.

People needed to hear those sorts of things back then. It was something very important.

It was a children’s show back then they didn’t know how much of it should do in the new version back then.

Cool things will remain cool through time.

The judgment of time will happen.

His life would have been over then.


Everone needs to hold hands and be friends with one another.

About voicehearingnotes

I hear voices and I write about that.
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