It’s real and filled with emotions

It is something that happened in the past.

It doesn’t seem like something that is out of character.

The morning is on its way. It’s coming.

Sparkly. Sparkly.

Fake time fake fake fake!

All of this is fake

No, it’s not it’s real and filled with emotions.

I am very not okay.

She is better though…she is better though.

I am certain that the bananas are not going to help everything is happening especially to her body.

Can we charge forward now?

Is that something that can be done.

We need to sort our life out.

Let’s just go now and wait…we can look at our phone until it’s time to come in.

There is so much work to do and little time to do it in. Get this the fuck done Raven!

Is doing this here still as weird as it was last week.

Your hands are looking really badly chapped

That is why she has brought those hand creams with her.

How long till the first lesson.

Technically it’s half an hour until physics starts.

Make sure that you get a few drinks in.

Today will be hard but you can do it.

I wish that they would spend a lot less time on this potential marriage.

What I really want to know?

Does your hair look okay?

I would think that it would be.

But it has been very windy and cold this morning.

The ash from the volcano is going to be a problem for people is going to be a problem for flights.

The ash hasn’t traveled a considerable amount of distance but the wind can change direction.

I hope that good things to happen

We are all doomed because people can’t spell.

Imagine eating that many coins

Imagine how dirty that is

I think that he has pica to be honest.

That’s what i would think because that’s a compulsion to eat nonfood items.

Is there something that you would like to talk about.

Arent all these moments of writing going to get all mixed up with one another

I really think that you would like to put more pens into your pencil case.

More pens that are thicker than these ones are a good idea.


They will hurt her hands less than these very thin ones.

You are going to have to get going to the first lesson that you have!


Of course, we will

The sign was written wrongly. That is why it was written wrongly. Also, it made people annoyed because of that.

Also somehow and someway you are going to write that personal statement and start work on your chemistry assignment too!

In the next 4 minutes, we have to get going.

I am as tired as she is

I am tired too

I was very tired

About voicehearingnotes

I hear voices and I write about that.
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