We are above the seagull

Do you really want to listen to this?

I know that I don’t.

It is very unpleasant.

Well that was a nice diversion

Let’s get going again.

Let’s really get cooking again with this

What is the next lesson

The next lesson is the workshop with lee. It’s at half one.

We really need to get used to this 1:30pm end of dinner thing.

It really is still snowing right now.

There is nearly an hour left of this show.

There is nearly an hour left

What sort of things?

What sort of things live on paper?

That is something that needs to be researched later.

Is it really still snowing

It is really pretty.

It really is still snowing.

Why were they older in particular.

How tiring would it be for them?

We can really see the stadium from here.

Everyone needs to be respectful to this lady

We all need to

Is it louder in here that you thought it would be?

I think so too I think that tomorrow would be a better idea to sit in the place for people with learning difficulties.

That room

It is something to do with the bible.

Keep the bottle out of your bag ‘cos it’s leaking.

From later on we need to add up the typing that we did last night with the things that we have done today.

What sort of food would we like to eat later?

I think rice would be a good idea with some sort of curry flavor things.

We need to put on some more hand creams.

Hand cream or hand creme?

This skit sounds a lot like Donald Trump.

My hands are sitting on top of the snow.

All the snow is melting because of all the water outside.

I think that this is taking entirely too much time for lunchtime to end

But we are getting a lot done.

You are allowed to be sad.

We are above the seagull.

Seagull flying by

Seagull flying by the window we are in.

There is a time that we need to pass.

I have crystals

A crystal tea service.

I guess that there are a lot of problems that are caused by being in this sort of place

I would have been very sad if the food was bad.

Food is very sad


It is very tempting I suppose

About voicehearingnotes

I hear voices and I write about that.
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