7,000 words left

Being a butcher back then must have been very dangerous.

My dad won’t let, let me do this.

We need to get some revenge

Let’s have a casual ride to get out revenge.

How many words do you think we have written?

How many words?

I know that she has over 7,000 words left.

There isn’t a lot of time left really is there?]

I think you need to go now!

Ravens are flying around us.

Ravens do, do those things but her spine is crunching again and her finger has gone numb.

I think that we might have damaged these headphones after using them in this way.

The land of the ancients.

It’s some Narnia based things.

It does have to start soon. That’s why she’s worried. It always takes forever.

I want to eat chips when we go home.

So do

There is a little time in which to get some work done.

I do work in here how about you

She does get stuff done

Stuff is cleared away efficiently

Drawing a clock was the worst homework because it has to be a perfect circle at ones with hands have to be.

I wish that she could stop sniffing but that isn’t happening so…

She has the flu that’s why.

Let’s go to biology!

Let’s climb this mountain together.


About voicehearingnotes

I hear voices and I write about that.
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