I agree

Is that number an important number?

Yes it’s the crisis number.

Is it really?

Yes it is.

Are you sure?

That lady gave it to us. So i think that would have been the right one.

Is going through all of this as tiring for you as it is for us?

I would have thought so.

How much tapping are you going to do?

Dont have a go at her, she’s just doing her best.

We are just doing our best to get  through this stuff.

It’s sort of sad that things have come to this.

Does it happen to any other problems?

This guy that we are learning about us a very bad person.

He is a bad person.

I agree.

I agree with you.

Who looks at this? Other than you of course?

People who like looking at nice pictures.

You said before that this was the last page. Is that something that still holds true?

It does of course. She wants to transition into typing later.

Are you sure?


Are you really sure.


Are you really sure.


Let’s not fight when there is work to be done.

I am too full of Christmas like food.

I was really, really cold.

I was very, much very cold.

You are too hot now though.

About voicehearingnotes

I hear voices and I write about that.
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