Let’s do out best to get through April

All of these things are the background of the life we live.

Do you plan on living your life like this? You need to put 100% of your energy into this.

You won’t know if you’ll make it if you don’t try.

I mean I agree with everyone else, We have got to work harder.

Don’t be sad about the things that haven’t happened.

These are things that are done to keep us all going.

Why does she dislike him to this degree?

I wonder about it too.

What is the story that is going on?

What are the thoughts that are flying around in here? Come on and tell us!

You and me.

Me and you both of us together…be careful, this is the pen that smells.

Well, I am glad that you gave it up.

What are the reasons for your resentment?

Why should she tell you? Why would she tell you?

I have thought about that before.

I know that we shouldn’t have reacted in that way before.

If you did then you should have told anyone and everyone that was involved in it.

I would just like everyone to be safe and happy. Where is the greed in that?

Are you sure someone that should feel that way?

Let’s just do our best to get through April.


Everything always goes to shit in April.

About voicehearingnotes

I hear voices and I write about that.
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