We shouldn’t speak in yellow

That pen belongs somewhere else.

Yes, it does.

What thoughts are we even having? Eh? What are we even doing right now?

Is your brain engaged? This pen smells too!

Where are all the other pens going?

It smells of petrol.

Because of the pen.

Why would a pen smell of petrol?

Yes, I really wonder about that.

We should be in the library studying for this but she was no energy.

It’s more like she has no energy.

More like she has no integrity.

Don’t be mean to her. Especially not at this time of year when she is struggling so much.

How sad would you be to find these things out?

I guess that there is that.

What notes should we have taken?

What monsters will awaken?

How many episodes are left?

Enough to worry about.

Enough that it is distracting.

Yes at times like this we should be working.

Red is such a bright colour.

I didn’t realize that the colour could be so much of a problem.

To other people, it could be so.

We shouldn’t write in yellow. We shouldn’t speak in yellow. Yellow is too bright,

About voicehearingnotes

I hear voices and I write about that.
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