The money isn’t the problem

We are now over the halfway hump.

I am writing all of the things that you needed.

I am telling you all of the things to write.

Write them all down for me.

Don’t take money like this from people like me.

The money isn’t the problem.

Everyone’s problems are problems after all.

Isn’t this a situation where problems can be made?

Wow, this family has so many different problems.

This pen is getting on the train with you.

What train are you talking about?

Are we both going in the same direction?

Who would you look like in the years after the great separation?

Wow, are we filled with memories?

How long are we planning to do this?

Which one is the least problematic? In your eyes?

Well, that would have been awkward.

Are we talking to one another or what?

How long are you planning on living like this?

Aww, great now we have a load of creepy people! Someone smack the fuck out of them.

You wanted to watch this,

That doesn’t mean she has to put up with it.

This type of guy is seriously the worst. Kick em out.

I am glad that she is good at things like this.

If only it took less time for them to get to this point.

Isn’t everyone scared of their kids in some way or another?

I am glad that things are going well.

About voicehearingnotes

I hear voices and I write about that.
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