Keep dancing! Keep dancing!

I bought something nice for the two of you.

What type of nice thing is it?

How orange are we feeling today? I am as orange as the sky above your shoulders.

Why are we so crinkled?

At the very least we should do this much. Clean other places to please.

She’s not going to take that well.

Oh no, what can the matter be, oh no he’s like Micheal Flattery.

Keep dancing! Keep dancing!

My hands are like yours they are starting to cramp.

I don’t think of things like this.

Is there something I should be thinking of?

You were someone very against all of this as I recall.

That certainly is a considerable mess.

I am writing the things that are written within the minds of the old ones.

The old ones that live on the hill?

So this is the new arrangement eh?

Well, the desk has to stay there because of the monitor and everything.

Are you sure about the things that we were going to deal with in the coming weeks?

The coming time is filled with regret. Times not filled and paths not wandered down.

That story keeps coming back to you, doesn’t it?

Then write it down so that it leaves you.

About voicehearingnotes

I hear voices and I write about that.
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