He’s really creepy

Just wait here in the fan’s field of influence.

Just sitting isn’t good for us though.

That pink and yellow combo though.

I know its very bold.

Isn’t bold a brand of washing powder?

I was but I am not sure if it still is.

He’s really creepy.

What’s he munching on now though?

I think it’s the fish pastry thing.

Well, now they’ve met so things will go crazy from here on out.

I wonder how they’re going to resolve all of this.

Endings all such though.

I had thought of that.

What could be the reason?

There are way too many questions being asked in here.

Well, I’m sorry that we are curious about things unlike you.

Just finish the end of the page.

Just write what we’re doing and saying to you.

It’s just that simple.

There’s a lot of justs being flung around in here.

The room is rammed full of justs they’re leaking out under the door.

Who’s door?

The room’s door

Room, broom, doom, flume, fume, zoom.

About voicehearingnotes

I hear voices and I write about that.
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