This game is her real life

That advert is for a get rich quick scheme.

Who do they think they can scam with that?

That’s my point.

This song needs to disappear though.

Stop switching off the fan. It’s too hot.

What did you say?

It’ll be in your mind forever.

All you have to do is keep trying to talk to people.

He looks real weird.

Yes, he does. He does look real weird.

I would run away.


Itchy eyes are the bane of us all.

The restaurant opens on Tuesday next week. We appreciate your patience.

You can write everything that you put your mind to you know.

I think that you should go forward with this story that has come into your mind just now.


This game is her real life.

It’s interesting to hear other people’s reactions to the voices in it.

Didn’t we watch something else?

No, we watched someone else play it.

Are we going to play?

Yes but later…

Okay, that’s fine then.

About voicehearingnotes

I hear voices and I write about that.
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