Your boobs look amazing

I really think that you’ve all passed the line…of no return which you must spurn.

Follow the line.

Become the line.

I knew that there were problems that you have been dealing with. Not being there is very stressful for you, isn’t it?

We know at least that much now.

I hate the sofas that they choose for expensive places.

Expensive places with bad taste are not the places that I want to be.

We could get there.

We could.

But she doesn’t want to go.

Yet type we will and type we might.



Pink houses.

This office is very purple.

And the trees are very green.

Green is a colour that should be seen in the world.

That cushion is pretty too. I really like it.

The colour or the pattern.

Both a purple flower is the best.

The mum’s lipstick is very pretty.

Your boobs look amazing.

Let’s hide here in the street behind a car because that is safe.

Not everyone becomes violent.

It can happen though.

It’s not out of bad reasons that it happens though.

Should we go to the…

Her lipstick is pretty.

I like it.

About voicehearingnotes

I hear voices and I write about that.
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