Why did you sleep like that last night?

I wonder about that too.

Do you?

Yes, I do.

I like this drama.

So does she.

Imagine all of the fish that live in the ocean.

What are you talking about?


And the ocean…

Her neck really hurts.

Of course, it does.

The way the she slept last night is really worrying to me.

What are you even doing in the summer?

Are we going out or are you going out?

I would go out but I am worried about the things that they are talking about.

As you should be.

This lady is really crazy and that’s coming from us!

I hope that she gets her comeuppance as a result of all of these bad things that she has been doing for so long.

There is so much gold here.

Dangling headdresses are cool though.

They are.

I wish that this sort of head adornment was more popular now.

Putting things in your hair is sort of seen as childish.

Keep wearing the butterflies in your hair.

I think that they look good on you and after all, we should follow our own path when it comes to fashion.

Why is she talking about this stuff in such a public place where the walls are literally made out of paper.

So   she just sleeps in the throne room now

Her jacket/robes are really pretty but they must be a nightmare to iron

Did they iron clothes back then?

I think so

People used to heat pieces of iron and smooth the fabric with them.

Also just hanging most wet clothes will make them flatter.

At least flat enough to wear.

I think that they are butterflies.

I think so too.

Turn on her already that is what needs to happen she will just kill you eventually.

She looks nice in yellow.

Actually, I think that it is peach.

Peaches are tasty and peaches are pretty.

About voicehearingnotes

I hear voices and I write about that.
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